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Piñatex & Cork

Vegan leather has been popping up in multiple fashion collections as a sustainable alternative to traditional leather, but is it more sustainable? Faux leather, also known as synthetic or artificial leather, tends to be created out of plastic. 

As apart of our new collection, we wanted to create a new sustainable earring that was both vegan and plastic-free. Introducing Piñatex.

Stella in Gold


The material on the front half of the earring is called Piñatex. This plant-based textile is created from pineapple leaves, which is a byproduct of the industry. Typically when pineapples are harvested they leave behind leaves that are burned and thrown away. However with new technology, Piñatex is able to divert waste and create a new revenue stream for small-scale pineapple farms


The second half of the earring is constructed out of one of the greenest materials out there, Cork. Cork is a natural, biodegradable, recyclable, and renewable textile. And unlike most new natural resources, Cork actually becomes more eco-friendly as demand for it increases. The specific tree that Cork is collected from actually absorbs more CO2 from the air as it’s being harvested than when it is left alone. Thus becoming an efficient way to combat global warming and increasing biodiversity. 

Innovations in the way we create fashion is a necessary part of our future.  And we’re excited that earrings made from pineapples and trees can be apart of that.


- Jazmine, Sustainability Consultant

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