Recycled Rubber

At first glance these earrings may look like terrazzo, but they're actually Recycled Rubber.

For this design, we're working a with a US rubber factory that primarily makes flooring. And as with every industry, there are scraps left behind after a round of production is done. BUT, this factory takes their scraps and regrinds them to create this terrazzo-like composite.

The end product is a lightweight, durable, and recyclable multi-purpose textile. We are excited to introduce this experimental material into our latest collection. Though we acknowledge that they are a form of plastic, using recycled rubber doesn’t create new demand like other plastic based earrings, and aids in removing the rubber laying waste in our precious environment.  

And the best part? The leftover scrap rubber we create when making our earrings can be shipped back to the factory to be reground again - having yet another chance at life.

So wear these earring proudly!


- Jazmine, Sustainability Consultant