A collection of unique rings crafted to reflect
your individual journey


A Reflection of You...

Each of us is born with a special kind of magic that will see us through our very individual journeys in life.

The pieces in this collection were crafted with deliberate intention and meaning. It is my hope that you are drawn to the piece that honors and reflects the beauty of your own special journey.


Mother of Pearl

Historically revered as a symbol of clarity, emotional balance, and purity.

Mother of Pearl is an iridescent substance built up over time by mollusks to protect itself. Just like the humble mollusk, some of our journeys have required us to build up layers of protection. This ring was created to honor that journey, while celebrating the iridescent beauty and clarity that is found on the other side of tough things life throws your way.




Historically revered as a stone that brings good fortune, health, happiness, and protection.

Turquoise is a stone that has been used in jewelry since the earliest days of the craft. From the Persians, to the ancient Egyptians, and Southwest Native American tribes, it's a stone that carries a lot of meaning and purpose. In continuation of this tradition, this ring was created to embody that spirit of protection and to remind its wearer that good fortune, health, and happiness can be ours for the taking.



Lapis Lazuli

Historically revered as a stone that enhances intuition, creativity, and inner peace.

During the Renaissance, Lapis Lazuli was highly prized amongst creatives as a resource to create vibrant shades of blue. For the wearer of this ring, it's my hope that just as artist many centuries ago were inspired by this gem, so too are you inspired to create works of art that are authentically, vibrantly you.




Historically revered as a stone of healing and noble sacrifice.

Bloodstone lore suggests that it was first formed when the blood of Christ fell from the cross onto the stones below. Since then, it has been a symbol of valor and of noble sacrifice for the good of others. This ring was created to spur the wearer onward towards a life of bold, generous love.




Historically revered as a stone for stimulating creativity, imagination, and inspiration.

Opal is a incredible stone that can look cloudy from one angle, then reflect a riot of light just by tilting its surface. This ring is a visual portal, reminding you that there is wonder and inspiration all around...sometimes you just have to shift your perspective to see it.



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