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The Classics

At the beginning of 2020 I started working my friend and amazing brand strategist, Cortni. As we looked at the calendar year before us and thought about what new direction we could take things as we hit our 5 year milestone, Cortni suggested I start designing a collection of every day jewelry. The pieces that most women want in their collections, the ones they will wear for years to come. The classics. And of course, make them sustainably from recycled metals in an ethical factory - duh.

Back in January we had no idea what 2020 would hold. It has certainly turned out to be the most challenging of my years as an entrepreneur.

But even as the world began shutting down, we pressed on with the Classics. I wanted to design pieces that were a modern take on classic jewelry. I personally don’t love the overly polished and perfect look of most jewelry, I like something a little more raw and rough around the edges (because that’s more realistic to life, right?). 

So I started designing and sculpting and sourcing. The first step was to sculpt my pieces in wax. I made 4 or 5 different rings, and 6 or so iterations of hoops and studs. We cast them here in San Diego, and I was able to test wear them and decide which were my favorites. I then sent my favorites to a factory in LA, where they would do the next round of sampling and gold plating. I’ve been wanting to work with this factory since 2016, and it was exciting to finally build a working relationship. I love them is because they make everything out of recycled metals and treat their employees fairly - which are core values here at Dear Survivor. 


Once we got the second round of samples back, Cody and I were able to start creative directing the photoshoot. We knew we wanted to work with Keji Kaburi, an amazing Sudanese American model we worked with back in 2018. Her look is so striking and beautiful, and we thought the gold would contrast beautifully with her skin and the white walls of Presidio Park. Sure enough, we were right! The images came out stunning. 

We are so proud of how this collection turned out. It's simple and elegant. Each piece is made with integrity, valuing the people who hand-craft them. Each piece is made consciously, considering the earth and the resources we take from it. And each piece is designed to last for years to come. As trends come and go, may these pieces always remain Classic

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