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DS Diaries: Finding Balance

Life is ironic.

This week I released a new collection that I absolutely love, but it wasn’t until we set everything live on the site that I sat back and realized something.

I’m burnt out.

Upon reflection, I see that I spent 2020 HUSTLING to keep my business afloat and this year has been a constant exercise of growth and challenging myself with my art and in my business...and now I’ve reached a point where I’m completely worn down.

With my designs, I feel a funny amount of guilt saying that any particular piece is my favorite, but the Balance Necklace and Balance Bracelet just might be my current faves.

Which is, of course, ironic since my life has recently been a textbook case of imbalance.

Yes, I’m a hard worker and find honest-to-goodness joy in creating, but I have to remember that peace, rest, and balance is such a sweet and necessary gift to give myself.

Wearing a piece of jewelry doesn’t resolve my fatigue, but it does serve as a visual reminder to find the balance and listen to my spirit when it says “Enough.”

So, this weekend, as I wear my new favorite designs around my neck and wrist, I’ll listen to that voice. I’ll take leisure walks with my dog, eat good food with my husband, watch beautiful sunsets in my neighborhood, and revel in just...Being. That’s as good of a start as any, right?



Balance Necklace, $95

Balance Bracelet, $65

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