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Designing Paris

I’ve been a designer for many years, but somehow this feels like my first real collection. Perhaps because of the amount of time that went into it, or the attention I gave each and every piece. But I think it’s mostly because there is a clear through line - Paris. 

I wanted this collection to exude romance and beauty, and to undoubtedly call to mind this magnificent city. 

So let’s dive into my design process!

First off - I knew that my focus would be rings. Rings are the thing I love designing and wearing the most, so that is where I wanted to put most of my attention. Second - I knew that the necklaces would be the Impressions. I’ve had this idea for ages, and I’ll share more about that in another blog.

While we were in Paris this summer, I had my sketchbook with me and would quickly jot down motifs and patterns I saw, or snap a photo. The Palace of Versailles was an absolute feast for the eyes, and peaked my interest into the era of Rococo design (basically 1700s maximalism). It was overwhelming in the best way possible, and I feel like I’m still trying to digest everything I saw there.

I decided to focus my collection on this design style. The ornate gold flourishes. Roses and ribbons. Shells and scalloped edges. Layers on layers of fabric and ruffles. An era of indulgent luxury (for the court, mind you).

When I got back to LA I rented a bunch of library books that focused on this time. It was fascinating to read about how France became the design capital of the world, and how this iconic aesthetic has endured for centuries.


So after pouring through these books and revisiting my travel photos, I began to sketch. Color is always important to me - so I started by considering the hues that felt like Paris to me.

That led me to my gemstone collection, where I stared at my stones for many days before deciding which would be chosen for this collection. The .83ct pear diamond and the .87ct mauve sapphire where the winners. And it felt like a no brainer to use Mother of Pearl and champagne diamonds as well.

Next came time for me to consider how each piece would function. And I making engagement rings? Bands? Pinky rings? It wanted to design for a wide range of budgets, but to make each piece feel equally special. Thus, my 6 ring designs came about:

The Sacré is the daintiest ring, and I designed it to either be a stacking ring (so you can add a Paris flare to your existing rings), or worn alone. I personally have been wearing this one on my right hand ring finger, with the point facing down. It’s really elegant, and the shape is so flattering on my hand. This one is priced at $350 for solid gold, or $500 if you’d like to include the champagne diamonds. Similar to my Love Note ring, I hope this can be a treat-yo-self piece :) Also perfect as a wedding band!

Next is the Flourish ring. This is the first piece I designed in this collection. I wanted this piece to be an eternity style ring, with the swirling pattern going fully around the design. I’ve been wearing this one as a wedding band, paired with the Rococo Ring - they are a perfect stack! The swirls and dips make it easily stackable with a variety of ring styles. I like that I can spin the ring around my finger and that it looks different from every angle. It’s sculpturally intricate and interesting to look at. This ring is priced at $550 for 14k gold, and $700 for 18k.

Speaking of the Rococo Ring, let me tell you about it. I wanted to include a Mother of Pearl piece in the collection because it has such a beautiful, shimmering iridescence. I wanted it to be a solitaire style ring, where the stone was held in a perfect oval cup, and the band gave the illusion of holding it up by the flourishes. I carved this ring so that it would look very simple from the face, and only on closer look do you see the ornate details. I wear this as a wedding ring option, and also on my right hand middle finger. This ring is priced at $1400, and is fully customizable. Favorite color is purple? Let’s make it for you with a lavender jade instead of the mother of pearl. Want big sparkle? This could be made with a large diamond - it would be breathtaking!

And now, the Rosette. Roses have always brought me joy, I can’t walk by one and not smell it. They remind me of my grandma and the sweetest moments of my childhood. I loved noticing the rose motifs around Paris. They were mostly intertwined into ornate crown molding, or painted delicately onto porcelain. I think my grandma would have noticed them too :) I designed this ring to be easily personalized. It comes with three diamonds, but if you have small diamonds you inherited from a loved one, then we can use yours in the ring instead. Or want to incorporate birthstones? This ring is perfect for that. The price starts at $1250, please contact me here for a price quote for your personalization.

The Sainte ring is the "objet d’art" of the Paris collection - a term attributed to objects of artistic worth, detail, and beauty. I cannot tell you how much I love this ring. It was so fun and so complex for me to carve. I typically take photos of my carving process, but didn’t get any of this one because I was so focused. In the center is the mauve sapphire encased in the gold, with the carved details radiating out and around the back. I typically start the carving process with an idea of where I want to finish, but this one I just let the wax take me where it wanted to go. It is stunning.I made a mold of it, so if pink isn’t your color then I can make it for you with any type of gemstone.

And finally, the Versailles. Oh. My. GOSH. I'm calling it the "piece de resistance" of my Paris collection - a term meaning the outstanding item or prize piece, and an item worthy of collecting for it's rarity and beauty. It’s just so special. The balance, the details, the 18k gold, the incredible reclaimed diamond - you just can’t help but love it. And I’m saying that as someone who has never liked pear shaped gems. I’m in love with this ring, and am confident that you will be too! I also made a mold of this setting, so if diamonds aren’t your thing, send me an email and we can chat about other stone options for you.

So those are the 6 rings in the Paris collection. Each so special. I genuinely cannot decide which is my favorite! Hope you get to pick out one you love :)





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