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GEMSTONES 101: Peridot

Peridot, the radiant green gemstone that shimmers with the brilliance of a fresh spring day, holds a unique allure in the world of jewelry. With a rich history and vibrant hue, peridot is known for symbolizing renewal and vitality. In this article, we'll explore the world of peridot, delving into its history in jewelry, sustainable sourcing, and the pros and cons of using it in your cherished pieces.

History of Peridot in Jewelry

Peridot has a history that dates back thousands of years, often intertwined with legends and folklore. The name "peridot" likely originated from the Arabic word "faridat," meaning gem. In ancient times, peridot was revered for its green color, reminiscent of nature's renewal and the promise of a bountiful harvest.

The ancient Egyptians considered peridot the "gem of the sun" and believed it possessed protective powers. Cleopatra, Egypt's iconic queen, was famously fond of peridot jewelry, considering it a symbol of her dominion.

Throughout history, peridot jewelry has been associated with spirituality and renewal. It was often used in religious artifacts and jewelry to promote positive energy and vitality.

Sustainable Sourcing of Peridot

Peridot mining, like many gemstones, can raise concerns about environmental impact and ethical issues. Ongoing efforts are dedicated to promoting sustainable peridot sourcing and responsible mining practices.

Sustainable peridot sourcing involves environmentally friendly extraction methods, which aim to minimize damage to ecosystems. Ethical peridot sources prioritize fair labor practices, ensuring miners are treated ethically and compensated fairly for their work. Dear Survivor always sources our Peridots from small, reputable and ethical miners who extract small batches using sustainable mining practices. 

Pros and Cons of Using Peridot in Jewelry

As with any gemstone, there are considerations to be aware of when choosing to use the Amethyst in your jewelry piece.


  • Lively Green Color: Peridot's vivid green color symbolizes renewal and growth, making it an ideal gemstone for celebrating fresh beginnings and vitality.

  • Durability: Peridot is a relatively hard gemstone, suitable for everyday wear. It can withstand everyday use, ensuring lasting beauty.

  • Affordability: Peridot is generally more affordable than some other gemstones, allowing a broad range of people to enjoy its beauty.

  • Unique Beauty: Peridot's unique green hue is unlike any other gemstone, making it a standout choice for those seeking distinctive jewelry.


  • Sensitivity to Heat: Peridot can be sensitive to high temperatures and may lose its color when exposed to extreme heat. Protect it from hot environments.

  • Fragility: While durable, peridot can still be prone to chipping if not handled with care. It's best to choose protective settings.

  • Ethical Sourcing: Ensure you choose peridot from reputable sources committed to responsible mining and fair labor practices to support ethical sourcing.

In conclusion, peridot is not only a beautiful gemstone but also a symbol of renewal and vitality. Its rich history in jewelry, combined with efforts toward sustainable sourcing, makes it an excellent choice for those seeking both aesthetics and meaningful symbolism in their jewelry collection. When considering peridot for your jewelry, select from reputable sources that prioritize ethical practices, ensuring both the beauty of your jewelry and the well-being of the planet.



  1. August's Birthstone: Peridot is the birthstone for August, making it a meaningful and personalized gift for those born in this month.

  2. Olivine Origins: Peridot is a type of olivine, a mineral found in volcanic rocks and deep within the Earth's mantle.

  3. Island of the Sun: The island of Zabargad (St. John's Island) in the Red Sea is one of the historical sources of peridot, mined for over 3,500 years.

  4. Symbol of Protection: In many cultures, peridot is believed to protect against negative energies, promoting positivity and emotional balance.

  5. Customizable Designs: Peridot can be cut into various shapes and sizes, allowing for a wide range of jewelry designs, from classic peridot rings to modern pendants.

  6. Historical Significance: Peridot has been revered for centuries as a gemstone of protection, renewal, and healing, often associated with nature's vitality.

  7. Cleopatra's Gem: Cleopatra was known to favor peridot jewelry and believed it to be a symbol of her royal power and authority.

  8. Affordability: Peridot is often more affordable compared to some other gemstones, making it accessible to a wide range of jewelry enthusiasts.

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