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What to do if you don't like your engagement ring

Last week we released a preview selection of our engagement rings and we have been blown away by the initial excitement. We also have noticed a common theme of new messages in our DM, so we thought today we’d chat about this very real, very common dilemma.



"Help! I don't love my engagement ring, and I don't know what to do. I LOVE my fiancé, and want to truly respect the time, energy and money spent on the ring, but it's just doesn't feel like me, and isn't something I want to wear for the rest of my life. What do I do?!"



Engagement rings are one of the most emotion-rich jewelry pieces some people wear, and navigating how to handle this issue is tricky, but absolutely possible.

First, it’s important to have a lovingly open and honest conversation about how you feel. An easy solution may arise from that conversation, in which case “Hooray”.

If, however, the conversation happens without a clear resolution, here’s a couple of options to consider:


The Redesign: Good news! Depending on the style of your ring, it's likely that the whole thing can be repurposed into a new design that feels more like you. We can use your original stones and repurpose the metal into a design that is more suitable to your taste and lifestyle needs.

The Heirloom: If you'd like to start from scratch, then you may consider selling the current ring to purchase a new option, or even saving the original ring to become a new family heirloom ready to pass down in the future.

The Anniversary: More often than not, your taste and style change over the years. Maybe you became a doctor and your ring doesn't work with surgical gloves, or your prong ring snags your sweaters or scratches your baby, or you can't stop baking cookies and the dough gets all up in your ring...etc etc. It's okay to change your ring! It feels so taboo to change your wedding ring or to admit that you don't love it, but it doesn't have to be. Celebrate your upcoming anniversary by customizing your ring to become more, well, you :)


There is no one-size-fits-all solution to such a complex issue, so we’re curious...Have you had this issue? If so, we want to know in the comments section how you navigated it!



Endless Love,


Everlasting Love,

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Eternal Love,




My custom engagement/wedding set intertwines. I loved how much thought was put into making it sentimental but it was much more involved than I would have picked out for myself. Several years and three children later the diamond was lost. When I replaced it with a slightly bigger diamond and added the children’s birthstones it took on a whole new “mine” feel.


I didn’t like my wedding set and when I lost it after one year of marriage, I wasn’t really upset (and luckily my husband wasn’t either #itwasinsured 😅). We’ve been married now for 13 years and recently discussed a new ring for us both for our 15th wedding anniversary.


I picked out my engagement ring and wedding ring, but regretted my choice immediately! My ring is super scratchy and the design just isn’t my style…I don’t know what I was thinking! I told my husband after a year of marriage how I really felt and we agreed that an “upgrade” would be appropriate when we have our 5 year anniversary. Now, I’m stalking Dear Survivor to see what gems she comes up with and I’m learning a ton about what I really like in the process.

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