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Once is not enough.

For decades, fashion jewelry has been made of newly-manufactured, virgin plastics and metals and, let's be honest, it typically falls apart after a few wears. We can do better. Dear Survivor is committed to designing quality, long-lasting earrings made exclusively with upcycled materials left behind by large scale manufacturing, offering you sustainable, eye-catching, conversation-starting statement pieces.

Explore our materials to learn why we believe they are a better alternative to traditional fashion jewelry.

Upcycled Leather

Scrap leather from factories in Los Angeles is saved from landfill and turned into our best selling statement earring. Five colors, four shapes - choose your style.
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Metals are a precious resource, so we’ve decided to cast all our sculptural designs in recycled Brass. After it’s first life, it’s been melted down and refined and cast into our original designs.
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Recycled Rubber

Bits and pieces of scrap rubber are collected and reformed to create our new terrazzo-like earrings. Neutral, structural, sustainable.
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